Hello Everyone, my name is Christy Huntzberry and I am the owner of Custom Misc. I started this as a fun way to let my creative side have an outlet and to make a little money to help support one of my passions.  My husband Pete and I have what we call Huntzberry Zoo. 

We take in exotic animals, that for reasons beyond their control,  need a place to either enjoy their old age or to help  them heal from what life   has thrown at them.  We now have  3 blue and gold macaws, one Cockatoo, a Coati Mundi, a 110lb sulcata tortoise , one lemur, 9 chickens 

2 cats, 2 dogs, one African Grey , one Eckletus and finally a Golden handed Tamarin monkey. 

I have 4 beautiful, grown children out making their mark on the world, each of them I am very proud of.

I  enjoy making things  that bring a smile to your face whenever you use it and hopefully will get you a lot of compliments. I strive to give each thing we create together all the  time and energy it takes to make it right.